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cleaning that k

The reliable & convenient way of getting a helping hand.


We all need help, let us be yours!

We aren't professionals, but we provide you with the local, insured and vetted helpers you need to knock things off your to-do list.

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Ready to get a helping hand?Get a Taskr today!

Get the help you need for simple tasks like weeding your garden, stacking your firewood, or filling in for your receptionist when they call in sick! With Nowtaskr you can be assured peace of mind. All of our Taskrs have undergone extensive background checks and are covered by our insurance.

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The reliable & convenient way of getting a helping hand for an hour at a time!

“The Taskr showed up on time, went straight to work and stayed on task the whole time! Will absolutely use this service again!”
Catherine H.
Nowtaskr Customer